Staff Info

Tupou College which is governed by the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga is the employing entity of all employees of the college.

Tupou College offers a living quarter for each employee to live on campus and be part of Toloa which is a village community and a member of the Toloa Free Wesleyan Church congregation. 

 Obligations of employees

As an employee, you are required to:

  1. work in a proper, efficient and competent manner;
  2. treat all clients, staff, suppliers, management and the general public with respect and courtesy;
  3. conform and comply with regulations, orders, directions and instructions given by an Executive;
  4. show the utmost good faith and obligation at all times to represent and promote the welfare and interests of Tupou College;
  5. conform with the hours of work that the contract of employment or employment agreement requires;
  6. not, without the consent of an Executive, directly or indirectly undertake or render services with any business that is competitive with Tupou College;
  7. prepare and submit to an Executive, reports related to your duties that may from time to time be required;
  8. participate in regular appraisals conducted to assess your skills and performances;
  9.  identify yourself and Tupou College when answering a work phone. Under no circumstances is confidential information on either staff or clients to be given;
  10.  inform an Executive of any suspected or actual event which may have an adverse effect on the professional standing of Tupou College; and
  11.  at all times comply with the provisions of your contract of employment or employment agreement.