Employment Condition

Living Requirement

Staff are expected to live on campus and to participate in all campus activities that may require participation in community and church functions during and after working hours.


Staff are expected to be involved in one or more of the following areas of responsibilities as directed by the school executives.

  • Learning and Teaching
  • Commercial activities
  • Administrative support
  • Campus or Community Support
  • Co-Curricular activities
  • Development activities

Staff are expected to work 7 hours daily and working hours can vary depending on required duties;

Admin and support staff:                8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Teaching Staff:                                 Weekly programme

Morning assembly (Mon & Friday) 7:45 – 8:20 am All
Morning program (Tue & Thurs) 7:45 – 8:20 am Form teachers
Teaching hours 8:30 – 1:20 pm All Teachers
Co-curricular 3:30 –5:30 pm Selected Staff


1.         Morning programmes

Form teachers are required to prepare groups of students to conduct morning prayers and Christian fellowship for each class in English.

2.         Co-curricula programmes

Teachers and some support staff will be involved with Academy programmes and students technical practical activities. The school academy programmes are Music, Sports, Christian fellowship, Science, Commerce and Cadet.

3.         Week-end programmes

Some staff are required to perform extra programmes and duties during the week-end (Friday afternoon and Saturday). Students staying on campus are required to be monitored by an on-duty staff and to follow the normal school programmes in regards to meals and sleep.

School Programme

Staff are required to follow the weekly programme of the school and will be from time to time expected to perform certain duties in regards to the welfare and wellbeing of the students. These duties are limited but not restricted to the following;

  • Managing student dormitories and house activities
  • Assessing prefects and students weekly duties
  • Behavioral counseling
  • Parental guidance
  • Manage proper disciplinary duties for students

The school programme are all part of the student’s educational experiences and journey to become life-long learners and to become active Christians.

A typical Tupou College student’s school week;

Time at school:                       85%

Time at home:                         15%

A student’s weekly allocated learning experience on campus is;

            Christian programme              11%

            Educational programme         24%

            Physical programme              15%

            Sleep                                       34%

            Other time                               18%

The campus weekly programme;


            6:00 pm          Students return from home

            7:00 pm          Music practice or entertainment

            9:00 pm          Prepare for bed


            8:00 am          Prepare for Sunday Sermon

            9:30 am          Sunday Sermon (10:00am for invited guests)

            3:00 pm          Sunday school programmes

            7:00 pm          Christian Education

            9:00 pm          Prepare for bed

Monday – Friday

            7:45 am          Morning Assembly or Class devotion

            8:30 am          First period starts

            2:05 pm          End of last period

            3:00 pm          Co-curricular programmes and school duties

            7:30 pm          Night preparations and academy programmes

            9:00 pm          Prepare for bed

Other general programmes


7:15 am          Morning sermon

3:00 pm          Punishment Duty (PD)

            6:00 pm          Meals from home and parent – teacher meetings


            3:00 pm          Going home and PD                                 


            8:00 am          PD


            6:00 pm          Meals from home

Parental Guidance

All staff are required to act as guardians to the boys while they are on campus. This will be limited but not restricted to the following;

  • To lead and to guide students on their on-duty role which is shared by the houses on a weekly roster.
  • Offer parental advices and provide encouragements.
  • To ensure that a student who has a problem is attended to and report any serious matter to one of the Executives for further actions.

Note: Students with health related issues must be referred to the school medical officer who can refer the student to one of the Executives if required to seek further assistances or to send the student home.

Absent from work or school programmes

Employees are required to seek approval from the Executive to be absent from work or any school functions during working and after working hours.

Personal Property

The school does not accept liability for lost, stolen or damaged property that may be bought on site by its employees. We ask that all staff be security conscious within their work area and note that stolen property will be reported to the Police.

School Property

Employees are prohibited from unauthorised possession or use of property, proprietary information or supplies belonging to Tupou College, including Voice Mail and Electronic Mail.

All Tupou College furnished equipment, furniture, cabinets, desks, computers, telephones, cellular phones, voice mail systems, e-mail, and all other like items and systems are considered Tupou College property and furnished to employees for work purposes.

Use of school computers, internet, copier and FAX is restricted for work purposes.

Employees are not permitted to install or run personal programs, documents, files, copied software that violates licensing regulations, etc. on a school computer without the express permission of an Executive.

All school property is subject to inspection, monitoring, and searching by the school, with or without notice to the employee, at any time. Therefore, employees are advised to keep items out of the work place if they are private, personal, and not business-related.

Staff Induction for new staff

Newly recruited staff are required to go through an induction programme to be managed and reviewed by the school administration staff.

The induction programme will cover the employers’ expectation and the school statute and condition of employment.