The names of the Tupou College Dorms or Houses

  1. John Thomas (first successful missionary in Tonga)
  2. Harold Wood (Rev.Afred.Harold Wood – former principal of the school)
  3. Tevita Tonga (after Tevita Tonga Mohenoa- first dux and head tutor of the school)
  4. ‘Aho’eitu (the first Tu’i Tonga)
  5. Siupeli Taliai (first Tongan Principal)
  6. Kau Ta’e’iloa (unknown ex-students of the school)
  7. Howard Secomb (former principal of Tupou College)
  8. Sau Faupula (former Head tutor)
  9. John Wesley (Founder of the Methodist Church)
  10. Wood Gate (Ronald Woodgate- former principal of school)
  11. Roger Page (former principal and former president of the FWCT)
  12. Sione Havea (Longest serving Head Tutor of the school)