FWCT Staff Policies & Code of Conduct

FWCT Staff Employment Policies (Click to download the policy document)

Tupou College Staff Code of Conduct

The Tupou College Staff Code of Conduct sets out the standards of professional knowledge, skill, competence and conduct which are expected of Christian staff. This code has its basis in the teaching of Jesus Christ, our Cultural values and to reflect the complexity of teaching.

This code is developed to assist all staff to understand their rights, responsibilities and obligations before God and the governing authorities of the School.

It applies to all employees of the School including:

  • Senior administrators
  • Teaching staff
  • Admin staff
  • Learning support staff
  • Campus support staff

All employees of the School are required  to:

  1. Display a Christian lifestyle.
  2. Present a professional appearance at all times.
  3. Give as much notice as possible of any proposed or urgent absence from class
  4. Perform to the best of their abilities their roles and responsibilities within the Law of the country and the FWC Education Policies and regulations.
  5. Respect the uniqueness and dignity of individuals and act in a fair, courteous, sensitive and professional manner.
  6. Perform all duties with integrity, honesty and impartiality.
  7. Declare conflicts of interest which may result in personal or financial gains.
  8. Maintain appropriate confidentiality of student and staff official information.
  9. Be accountable for the efficient and effective use of resources with which they are provided.
  10. Be committed to safeguarding and promoting the safety, welfare and wellbeing of staff and students at all times.
  11. Attend all the required school programmes such as morning assemblies and Church devotions.

All Teaching Staff are expected to:

  1. Prepare for every class in advance.
  2. Attend morning assemblies as required unless prior permission is granted.
  3. Attend immediately to class and be on time to every class
  4. Take a roll in every class and report absences to the Admin office.
  5. Prepare materials for the replacement teacher in case of being absent from class at least 24 hours prior to the absence
  6. Teach effectively by moving around the classroom and differentiating the materials according to the needs of the students.
  7. Complete any marking of assessments within one week.
  8. Set appropriate homework according to the school homework policy.
  9. Prepare examinations as instructed and mark all papers in an agreed time span.
  10. Attend and complete professional development required and engage in reflective reading and training
  11. Prepared to take the classes of absent teachers according to an agreed limit of 3 lessons per week.
  12. Prepare to teach in English for no less than 50% of the lesson.
  13. Undertake further development in teaching in the English language
  14. Engaged in the co-curricular activities of the school
  15. Teach the boys with respect, refrain from verbal abuse and corporal punishment and make every attempt to influence the boys through Christian values of love, care and fair discipline.
  16. Exercise a duty of care to all boys at the school and particularly when in class or on supervision duties.
  17. Report and provide feedback to the school administration any mistreatment of a boy at the school.